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Perhaps you ask “What makes YOU think your books are so special?”

Why would you buy my books with so many other famous authors out there like Von Daniken, Immanuel Velikovsky, the Lansburg’s, Jacques Bergier, Charles Berlitz, Henry Morris, Andrew Tomas, James Churchward, Raymond Drake, Brad Steiger, Zecharia Sitchin, Einstein, Charles Hapgood, Tesla, Frank Edwards, Ignatius Donnelly, and so many others trying their hand at solving ongoing and ancient mysteries??

What makes me so sure I’ve got it right?

I could say living in ten different foster homes and group homes over my life has given me more perspectives in life … and it may have, but it’s certainly no prerequisite for solving mysteries.  More often than not, people that have walked similar paths to the one I’ve had to walk care little for solving mysteries and tend to want to get back at the world or live a life of ruin. For example in 2005 I was told by someone who would know, that over half the people in all the group homes and places I’ve lived in are dead now. They were all basically my age so if that’s the case, they would have all been somewhat young to be gone so soon. On top of that I know specifically of one that is serving life in prison.

So why would you even want to go near my books with such a stacked deck against me?

Well…I have always wanted to understand the why of things and been curious about mysteries right from the age of 5  when I first heard people talking about UFO’s (c1963-64). I wasn’t into sports…well I liked to play baseball. Strangely, due to my circumstances, I’d never even knew about hockey until I was 10, which must be kind of weird considering I’m Canadian…in a city that actually won the Stanley cup once! Coincidently I had to be shown how to use a phone when I was 10 too, but that’s probably not helping my case here.  I did try to phone my parents once when I was 5 (1963) but I didn’t even know my last name: I did manage to solve that mystery after I left that foster home, but that’s another story.

Figuring out stuff (not including the workings of phones apparently) has always absorbed me. Even at that age I was considered “smart as a tack” (what does that really mean anyway?) and recalled things long after conversation were ended. I didn’t have any friends anyway, so who would I call?…well there was Keith, but we just met when we met. Heck even now I sometimes talk as though the conversation is still on; sometimes months after a conversation ended I’ll just pick up mid thought right where I left off as though the conversation never ended. Phones seemed like a grown up thing…I thought maybe like driving or smoking cigarettes you learned to use a phone when you were 16 (Don’t tell anyone I smoked 5 of them when I was 5… I traded candy for them). I was given a phone number just before I turned 7 and moved to another foster home, but the next foster home tore it up and wouldn’t even let me use the phone, let alone show me how.

Right from the get go I have been piecing together information that could solve a mystery for me. If it wasn’t solved, the new information was shelved until more information came along and I would once again try and see how the pieces fit together. I mean I lived with other group home kids who were the kids who I played with… Why would I phone anyone? The kids at school mostly thought I was a kook anyway, so I had no reason to even use a phone until I was 10.  Granted this tendency to solve mysteries only became more central as I grew older…the mystery solving that is…not the figuring out the phone thing. It wasn’t like I was in libraries researching as a five your old or anything like that. But as time went on more and more energy was spent figuring stuff out…again…mysteries…not phones. I do remember being in awe seeing a child using a phone and sort of wondered why I never seemed to have a reason to call anyone or even talk on a phone. I did talk on a phone once as a kid after it was handed to me. That was a rare thing indeed and I felt very privileged to talk on a PHONE! The people I handed the phone back to were shocked to hear that was the first time I had ever talked on a phone. (I think I was about 9 at the time… No I wasn’t born in a swamp!) One thing you don’t always need is to have all the pieces of a puzzle to realize what the puzzle shows. I wonder if that why I don’t phone people now and have to work up the courage when I know I have to phone someone now? Hmmm…tragic…Poor me.


Not puzzled

Not long after I met my mom and dad again in May 1970 they soon realized I was good at figuring out brain teasing 3 dimensional puzzles.  So they would buy me them for birthdays and Christmas and they were always surprised at how quickly I solved them. One puzzle they bought, depicted in the picture seen here, before they gave it to me, they tried to take apart but couldn’t figure out how to… so they figured they had me stumped this time.  I had it apart and back together in less than two minutes, maybe even less than one minute. They were just ‘gobsmacked’.  True, the puzzles in this picture are pretty easy as I tend to keep the pretty plastic ones. But there were others much more complicated than threes that have been lost or given away over time. Every puzzle ever given to me I solved….with the possible exception of those weird ball trapped by a string things…I’m not sure I ever solved one of those.

When I met my parents they had a four cube puzzle (inset picture) no one could solve and no one they knew, knew how to solve it, almost like it was a family mystery: They’ld had it for years.  Though admittedly I couldn’t solve at first, as it was a genuine toughie, one day during a weekend visit with mom and dad, in a moment of crystal clear mental clarity it came together, and I solved it to the wonderment of all of us. I’m like that, sometimes stuff is tough and I just shelve it and think about it. I suppose many if not most of us are like this in our own chosen area of focus, like figuring out how to write up a contract agreeable to all parties, or what is wrong with the boiler and how to fix it. My area of focus has seemingly always been puzzles and mysteries. (>sigh< I had to be shown how to use a phone though. Have I convinced you to buy my book(s) yet?  It’s not gonna get any better!)

At first it was pretty much just toy puzzles I invested my metal energies on. NO! No one gave me a puzzle phone! After solving them, I would try to get other people to play with these puzzles. Occasionally they wouldn’t even touch them because they said it was a waste of their time and effort. I would say things like ‘Why can’tcha do it?’  But they would say it was a waste of energy with no real end value or words to that effect. I too sometimes questioned the value of solving these toys, wondering what good it was, and where would it get me. Do they even make puzzle phones? Once I stopped spending my energy on puzzles some of them stopped me because the will to solve them was gone… I now had bigger fish to fry…and besides, I had already mastered the phone.

There was always a background ‘noise’ of trying to solve ongoing mysteries, and my mind was just… click… tick… whirr… click…slowly maybe over years or sometimes suddenly piecing things together, and eventually this motivation took over. And no I don’t have one of those eyepaddy phone things! How the heck do you call people with your eye anyway…don’t tell me…I don’t wanna know.

You might say figuring out toy puzzles hardly qualifies me for solving ancient mysteries. Maybe.  But as I look back I realize that it was originally an avenue in which to vent the high intelligence I was soon proven to have. Though I was not supposed to know, I was told the scores of two of the IQ tests I took. Thankfully there were no phone questions in the tests. I took one IQ test when I was 10 (I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time, it was just a few fun days doing fun puzzler type tests on a couple weekends as a kid. I was one of those weird kids that even liked tests in schools…doesn’t mean I aced them all, I just liked tests.) And I was given one of these IQ tests maybe ten years ago: and the average IQ of the two scores is 134. Normally I keep that to myself… but here I feel you need some sort of confidence in my findings, especially after telling you my problems with phones, should you decide to give my books a try.  I’m not just trying to sell you a book… (or both books) … I want you to have just enough confidence to think that just maybe it might be worth your while …and worth your hard earned $ to check them out. I may be a little socially inept…especially with phones, but if I tackle some puzzle that I am determined to solve, chances are I’ll figure it out.

Strange formula.

I apologize for the cost of my books. I set my first book at almost the minimum price the publisher would let me, which meant I only got about $1 per book sale. I wasn’t allowed to set the price on this my second book but balked very heavily when they tried to price it at $31.50, which was a higher price than my first book which has many more pages. Which would have been ridiculous, because the price of the book is supposed to based on the number of pages! It would have been very hard to explain to people lining up to buy my books why the thicker book was cheaper than the thinner book, with me telling you the price was based on the number of pages! So the publisher conceded to my fury and it was re-priced. No, no one is lining up to buy my books…I can dream can’t I!?


Think your smart do you!?

My aptitude has gotten me into plenty of trouble with people that don’t like me figuring out stuff they don’t want people to clue into.  Sometimes I felt my acumen was even a social handicap as I saw through too many things and would call people on their deceptions. It didn’t win me many friends and all through school I was either the clown or the one people picked on…which I often suspected was partly to discredit anything I might clue into and declare. I occasionally heard people say “Don’t believe him, he’s crazy!” I eventually learned to shut my mouth and assume nothing unless it was spelled out plain as day. Frankly it just got me in less trouble. So now, if anything, I may even appear just a little naive or just plain dim, because frankly not everything is obvious or exactly how I guessed it to be, so it’s better to be sure than guess and then have to blush for my incorrect assumptions. So now often people have to spell out what is probably pretty obvious. Particularly when I’m being offered some sort of hand, as I’ve always found it hard to believe anyone would want to help me. Indeed in the past I thought someone was offering help only to be laughed at for my foolish assumptions…so it’s just better to be told point plank, and appear stupid for not knowing, than assume something only to be put in my place. Truly Christ was right when he said Luke 14: 8-10.

Apart from phones, I’m far from the ‘Einstein” I might appear to be making myself out to be…or have you already ruled out any comparisons between us completely…I wouldn’t blame you.  Believe me; I’ve had my share of bone head thoughts, conclusion and moves too. For example I once thought I’d solved perpetual motion. After I finished building my experiment the mistake was so stupid I just laughed and shook my head. I hide that little “invention” in a box. I can be pretty stupid sometimes too…I think it has something to do with being human. And if that isn’t enough, I’ve never been able to make a perfect 450 cut, even with a mitre box saw, so I’m hopeless at framing my own art! And I wanted to be a carpenter when I was 9. HAH!

I now have two books and the views and conclusions I’ve reached I am sure would not be popular ones as they contravene many established schools of thought. Strangely this life I’ve been dealt may have ended up being an aid in my solving so many mysteries simply because my social life was never really very good. Being sent afrom home to home means all you learn is no one wants you around, so I figure why push my assumed ugly unwanted self on people: so few have broken through that unseen barrier I didn’t even know I had built for the longest time. (Yeah they called my ugly in school, so it took a long time to realize I was so dashing looking…)

Consequently I’ve had lots of time to devote to solving weird things such as are found in my books. After finally mastering the phone, even the push button ones, the mysteries seemed easy…. Well OK the “#” and the “*” symbols on the push button phones are a bit of a mystery to me… So I’m sure you can see the other mysteries would be a snap by comparison!

Gee…I’m not so sure I’d even buy my books after this sales pitch…


Self Published? What?…No confidence?

Part of the reason I decided to self publish was because when I learned about the flack Velikovsky went through when he and his publishers, published Worlds in Collision, it seemed faster and easier to just publish on my own rather than submitting to countless publishers in hopes of finding one that was daring enough to publish what could be considered controversial conclusions and wade through the highly unpolished first edition version of my manuscript. Even though there was no way was I going to mention my phone hang-ups to any potential publisher, my grammar and so called ‘editing skills’ were still so convoluted I figured no one would get past page 2 before they gave up.  Well if you gotten this far…well…who knows.

Thankfully before I submitted the final draft for the now fully illustrated third edition of my first book, Cornelius took the time to proof read it, (and eventually, proofread both my books) so they are now a bit more bearable to read. But they are still far from perfect. One very fussy chap considering buying my books looked at one section he was interested in and found missing apostrophes, which were unforgivable to him. So if exact English and punctuation and whatever else goes into proper proofreading is a deal breaker to you…you might as well stop reading now (…heck you probably gave up in the first paragraph and are long gone! )

SO, unless some big publisher decides to overlook my phone problems to take me on as one of their authors, my two books are now as good as they get.  I’ve seen in many a book have actual screw ups and typos and whatever else in them, so if you are really fussy about grammar and punctuation, you may find yourself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to reading anything these days. Actually I’m surprised I ever picked out any mistakes in real company published books, when I missed so many in mine.


Origin of the gods

I might add “and the Origin of the gods” to the title of my first book if I decide to splurge on the fee to do that.  If you used this phrase for an internet search, check out my first book, because that mystery is solved, though you might not like or choose not to believe the solution.


What!? You want content?

The first mystery I actively determined to solve was how old is the earth…to the year. I do recall trying to figure out what UFO’s were but they were not really focussed on until a few months into researching my first book when I realized my first solution concerning UFO’s may have been incomplete.

I was given a rare type of bible by my dad and in the middle of the pages was a column with the date of the events at the top starting at 4004 BC, Ussher’s date for the beginning of creation. I wondered if I could determine how old the bible said the earth was on my own and how close I would come to this date if I did. When I became cognisant of the age of the earth conventional sciences says the earth is; I wondered if I could determine if there were flaws in dating methods, and if any dating methods could be harmonized dating with the age the bible appears to say the earth is. I did manage to get that outcome in my first book. You might enjoy that dull and exiting roller coaster ride!

I also recall asking my dad what caused the water from the flood to come down when I was told it wasn’t up there anymore. And I recall asking him how different races came to be. He didn’t know. I asked him who would know, and he said no one knew. I was quite surprised that there were things that apparently no one in the world knew the answers to. (I have since discovered that the answers are in fact known by some, but not everything is actually taught to the masses.) I asked him these and other questions when I was 12. So these were long ongoing mysteries to me that apparently needed solving and ones I determined that one day I would solve, little realizing I was intent on tackling some of the biggest mysteries of all time!

Other questions like what caused the flood, what were the pyramids meant for and more questions surfaced as I researched my first book which I started to do in 1988. What happened to the dinosaurs, what caused the ice ages, the river of blood, the many fossil sites around the globe, the erratic boulders found thousands of miles from their place of origin, the asteroid belt, what happened in the Bermuda Triangle, and who were the gods. These and more were all questions and mysteries that ran through my minds as my research for my first book progressed.  I read and read many sources and when new clues showed up I added them to my notes. These mysteries and others were all solved to my satisfaction in my first book. Impossible! you say? No way!? YES…really! With the possible exception of how the science used with pyramids worked, I have no doubt as to my conclusions. None.


Seriously? How is that possible when no one else has solved them satisfactorily?

When it was time to look at each category of notes in isolation to see if the picture became clearer when focussing on just one mystery at a time, they became like just pieces of a normal puzzle. It became real clear and what may not be surprising is I realized that many of these mysteries were connected to each other and aided in their solutions, or at least became confirmation by seeing the connectedness of them all. My age old ability to solve puzzles came into play and I had more eureka moments solving mystery after mystery in my first book than I’ve ever read in any of the researchers I’ve mentioned above works.

Though a dozen years has gone by since publishing the first edition of my book Earth, Man, & Devolution, every bit of evidence I gathered afterwards to include in my final polished version has only made it clearer that my solutions were correct. I wasn’t trying to prove they were correct to save face, I just wanted to know the solutions, and indeed on occasion I did have to tweak solutions or the text a bit. But by and large as far as I’m concerned they are solved. I content with my solutions…my curiosity is satisfied as far as these mysteries are concerned….hard as that may be to believe.

If you don’t believe me…one person who’s feedback on my first book can be seen on Amazon said that he had been reading this sort of material for over 20 years and he felt my work had “Many gems” in it: or as I called them “Eureka moments”.



As for the new hand held devices that are a marriage of cameras and phones…I’m not curious about them in the least. I see people on the bus ignoring the world around them or walking into cars and telephone poles looking at these devices. I hear of people using them getting run over and killed while tweeting or texting and that’s enough to cure …well… me anyway, from ever wanting anything to do with them. I’m easily distracted; I rode my bicycle into a pole once ogling a nice old car. So I have no use for these popular dangerous distractions…which by the way are a costly expense anyway and a waste of time….to me.  I’m content with computers at the library to waste my time with and for my unhealthy distractions these computers provide.

Keep in mind I did not have an agenda or a theory to prove such as panspermia, or creation, or whatever, that tainted solving these mysteries with a predetermined outcome or belief: the mysteries were the driving force themselves. What got me researching in the first place was just wondering if man in ancient times was more advanced than we were. Other mysteries came to me as I researched this one out… and of course the mysteries I had been mulling over for years. All I did was gather information and potential clues for solving each mystery and place them all together in my notes. Then I looked at them all in isolation to see what the clues pointed to. I am confident my solutions are correct, even if I don’t quite understand how some of the things actually worked, I’m sure my solutions are correct. Still, if someone actually managed to prove me wrong (with facts and accompanying logic, not pre-established biases based on unproven hypothesis) it would make very interesting reading indeed. For example I mentioned a few variables in the exact date I assigned to the age of the earth, so it would be interesting to see someone work through them to see if they could nail it down precisely by sorting through the variables I mentioned.


Aren’t there enough book in the world without adding two more to the pile?

When I was 15 I decided I should read and get some ‘culture’ and it seemed society promoted reading as a good way for you to get some of it…culture that is. So I went to the group home games and books closet and grabbed a pocket book, almost at random, possibly enticed by the cover art, and started to read. After reading about 2/3’s of the book it dawned on me it was little more than smut and of even less social value. I was turned off reading ‘culture’ and quit reading books, especially fiction and would only read factual books from that point on… Lord knows there’s enough fiction in comic books and TV to fill us with enough ‘culture’ to make us all sick in the head.  So I promised myself I would never write a book unless it was something that no one else knew and it was something I deemed so important to the world that it had to be written. Thus for the first year or so, the research I did on my first book was purely done out of curiosity for my own sake.  I wasn’t even sure I was even writing a book, or even if I should. Until a miracle of investigation occurred and it confirmed for me my book was to be written.

The first edition of my first book (2007) admittedly has many typos but I felt the information was important enough that I had to at least get the book published. I would polish it up somehow, eventually for a final edition, which was finally released late in 2017. I honestly thought that was it, my one and only book. It didn’t matter that book stores don’t like to carry authors if they only have one book. I didn’t care, and it seemed to me one book was all there was.

Then on New Year’s Eve at the end of 2017 I realized I had to write this new book. My first book was aimed at the ancient mysteries crowd and so I advertized it in magazines like UFO, Nexus and Atlantis Rising. I would occasionally write letters to these magazines when their articles had questions I knew the answers to, and thought nothing more of it. It seemed my duty to inform where I knew something that wasn’t generally known.

With my being picked on all my life and me being tossed from group home to group home, I was used to not being liked, wanted or taken seriously, so I was surprised to find out more than 5 years after the fact that one of my letters had actually been published! This was eye opening to me. I suddenly realized…I had a voice! I was being taken seriously! My research was considered of enough value to be repeated to the readers of the magazine. So I started writing letters anytime I felt I had something of value to add to the conversation with the hope that maybe another one would get published. OH sure one hopes your book makes more sales too, but that is the point too, you want to show people the bigger picture. A letter can only give readers a peek. So to date …as far as I know, I’ve had ten letters published in magazines devoted to ongoing mysteries. With this success I even tried my hand at writing a couple articles.  I was originally told one of the articles I had written would be used, but it got buried under everyone else’s submissions and forgotten about, so I just included it in my first book finalized edition.


So what motivated me to write my second book?

Originally this was going to be just an article I submitted, but the topic was just too big to be buried in a single magazine article. I realized that, though to some extent the subject of this new book was covered to some degree in chapter 6 of my first book, people would not buy that book based on flood legends specifically.

The legends of floods, either global or local, was clearly a point of division between those who believe the flood legends all talk about a global flood, and those who are sure they only speak of a local one. Realizing both sides of the argument had real solid footing to base their points of view on, it needed to be shown that indeed both side were right, and the differences between the legends needed to be explained as everyone one else was lumping them all into one category…flood legends with the assumption they all were speaking of the same flood. There are legends that clearly speak of a global flood and this is provable. But it is extremely important for the global flood camp to realize there are genuine local flood legends which also can be proven to be exactly that: huge but in essence, local floods. The research I waded through in my first book made this clear to me, even if by ‘local’ it might mean an entire continent got swamped.  So it became clear to me, oddly enough on New Year’s Eve, that this book needed to be written. My life gets busy with my computer distractions keeping me away from hand held phones. It took an operation at the beginning of April 2018 to finally get me started on the book I wasn’t going anywhere for over a month recuperating, so it seemed the logical thing to do. Once I got started, I burned the midnight oil for nearly 14 months until it was submitted on May 30 2018 and released on Amazon and wherever else on July 16 2019.


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Thanks for reading this. Rick Pilotte